Working with individuals

Dear Clients!

When carrying out repair and construction work there is a need very often for services in the field of construction equipment rental and rental of power tools.

In company MAKSRENT you can choose from a wide range of construction equipment at affordable prices from leading manufacturers for all needs and requirements. Rental centers on working with individuals at the following addresses:

Alesgar Gaibov 10
Baku, AZ1000, Azerbaijan
Phone: (+994 50/55) 318 73 94
Phone: (+994 12) 437 87 72

The order of conclusion the contract (individuals):

The contract of lease of construction equipment is one of the listed rental centers MAKSRENT in primary customer use. Equipment provided bail money.

To conclude the Agreement original documents must be provided:

  • passport;
  • driver's license, certificate or TIN certificate of pension insurance.

Please note that to receive and return the equipment can only be the person specified in the lease. We recommend you immediately after the conclusion of the agreement to write a power of attorney to other persons who will be able to perform actions on it on your behalf.